Monday, February 14, 2011

Photo dump...

Today is all pictures, but later this week, I will write... Here are the highlights from Valentine's Weekend (the lows will remain undocumented).

Katelin and I assembled these Valentine butterflies for her preschool class last week (inspired by these). The bright colors make me happy!!!

The loot and my 5-year-old Valentine.

Seth posing with a long-horn on our "safari." It was awesome!

Lina loved it too!

Katelin finally gets brave enough to feed the goats!!

My Valentine baby after church yesterday. She wins me every time she bats those eyelashes!!

One tired little boy, but he agreed to be my Valentine, too.

Valentine's breakfast this morning - pink heart shaped pancakes.

A great weekend and a good Monday, so far. Here's hoping for a happy week.

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Kelly said...

Those eyes of Lina are killer! I like your photo dump.