Friday, October 22, 2010

Road Trip

I love the open road

There is something liberating about hitting the road. Today we are taking a little road trip to this place (I highly recommend it). First we will pack our little peeps into the car (along with their sippy cups, their diapers, their change of clothes, their jackets - just-in-case, a few books on cd, some paper & crayons, and so forth), we'll swing by the library where I left a pile of books that need to be checked out (I left my wallet & library card home this morning) and then we will be on our way.

We will drive for one hour, and if we are lucky we won't make any stops. When we arrive, we will hit the bathrooms. We'll take a break half-way through to nurse the baby and eat snacks. We will look at goats and pick fresh flowers and paint pumpkins. If we are really lucky, we will ride the horse, Tornado. Then we will hit the bathrooms again, feed the baby again, serve up snacks again, and drive home, with maybe a drive-through stop at Wendy's.

We will arrive home with tired, worn out kids, who need to go to the bathroom and probably be fed again, but, overall, it will be the perfect way to start the weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!

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Kelly said...

Hey, Kellie! I have a new calling, Relief Society Meeting Coordinator, just like you! Our ward hasn't had any week day meetings in a year, so I'm looking forward to it.