Friday, October 15, 2010

The price of cupcakes

What would you spend for a couple dozen cupcakes?

You could go to Hey Cupcake and pay $60.00 (but they are sooooo goood)
At Walmart they run about $24.00
At my house this is what a couple dozen cupcakes run...

One messy living room...

One completely destroyed kitchen...

And three very messy and neglected children (not pictured).
But hey, the cupcakes turned out okay, right?

This month, I'm attempting to make cookies kind of like these. What do you think they will cost?

Note: It is the 15th of October and I'm still going strong. I'm halfway to making this a real habit!


Kelly said...

Well those sure are cute cupcakes! It probably only took you about ten minutes to clean up the mess the restless natives left. Way to go on blogging.

Heidi said...

What were the baby your babe cupcakes for? I love that you are blogging more, even though I am blogging less right now. Hope you are doing good, I will call soon and we can catch up.