Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I like them... really

Seth gives us his pirate smile

In trouble?

Best friends... mostly

I like my kids. Sometimes they hit, pull hair, run around like wild maniacs, scream, throw tantrums, cut up yarn and leave it all over the place, whine while I'm on the phone, poke the baby, spill stuff, and so on. But, all in all, I like them. Here are some of things I like about them:

  1. Took Seth to the car, put him in his carseat and buckled him in today
  2. Dances around, sits with, and smiles for Lina when she is crying
  3. Makes and gives cards... lots and lots and lots of cards that say I love you, You're my favorite Mom/Dad/brother/sister, I love chrch, Thanks for ______, etc.
  4. Reads with, plays with, shares with Seth -- even when it isn't really his turn.
  5. Initiates one of my favorite games at the playground. She climbs up the ladder (about 2 rungs up) and jumps into Seth's arms. Then Seth takes a turn. Dangerous? Slightly. Entertaining? Yes - for everyone involved.
  1. Goes along with all of Katelin's crazy games and ideas and is happy to do it.
  2. Jumped up and down smiling and laughing when we put big boy underwear on him last week... and he doesn't fight me when I tell him it's time to go to the bathroom.
  3. Loves the song "I want to do it myself..." from a little cd we borrowed from the library
  4. Puts his little hand on top of mine when he wants to "help" me pour water into his oatmeal, spread peanut butter on his sandwish, or stamp a picture on his paper.
  5. Loves playing Billy Goats Gruff, and acting like a snake or horse or kangaroo, or anything.
  1. Smiles, kicks, and waves her arms every time Trevor or Katelin or Seth or I stop and say hello to her. She loves the attention.
  2. Laughed with us when we noticed she was wearing one of her teethers like a bracelet. The kids all got a kick out of that.
  3. Examines and studies her feet and hands (usually with her mouth) with great wonder.
  4. Drinks happily from a bottle when needed (thank you, thank you.)
  5. Fights: going to sleep at night. Loves: being swaddled, listening to the blow dryer, and being worn in a front pack.
In spite of all of the work they create, these three kids bring a lot of joy.

On another note, today was Day 2 of my commitment to spend time with myself on the patio and I can proudly report I did it. In addition, I spent a minute reading Olivia Helps with Christmas on the patio with two little kiddos. I love the cooler weather that lends to spending a bit more time outside!

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