Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Few Recommendations

When I received this book as a wedding present, I thought it ws a crazy wedding gift; actually, it has been one of the best wedding gifts we received. It contains solid, scientific, behavioral advice and principles you can apply in any situation. Understanding the principles is very easy, but practicing and applying them, for me at least, is quite a struggle. I am constantly pulling this book off the shelf. And, if you want a sneak peak, you can access the book in its entirety online here. I highly recommend reading chapters two and three as a starting point.

Some of my favorite toys come from a little company called Melissa & Doug. This is the pattern blocks and boards I've been eyeing for Katelin. If I could justify it, I would spoil my children rotten with Melissa & Doug's classic high quality toys.

Lately, I've become quite a fan of Shannon Hale's young adult novels (thanks to recommendations from Lonna and Jenette). I love when a book offers an imperfect, yet worthwhile heroine. In my former life, I would have definitely recommended these books to my eighth-graders. Today, I'll recommend it to my blogger-friends. They are quick fun books to read.


Christina said...

I miss you, Kellie. Thanks for the recommendations. I've been wanting the Glenn Latham book, and we can always use great toys and books. Please bless we'll both be back in Cache Valley soon.

~~ Jill ~~ said...

I love Shannon Hale books as well - but did find her Austenland a bit odd for her style. Glad you enjoy them!

Kellie said...

Yes, Jill. I agree with you on Austenland -- it seemed kind of silly. But I really enjoy her YA novels.

Christina - I miss you too. It kind of seems that we won't be back in Cache Valley (permanently) anytime soon. Maybe our visits home will overlap sometime. Or maybe we need to plan a road trip to Alabama someday. I wish you were a bit closer.

Kristy said...

Great recommendations! I'm going to see if my library has Hale's books, I've been looking for something new to read.

Tams Family said...

I loved Shannon Hale's books as well. I am interested to see what her new book is going to be like. Thanks for the other recommendations. Melissa and Doug toys are great and I feel that I am always in need of some parenting advice. Take care!