Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our good friends

Katelin and Andy
Seth with Leo and Jack or is it Jack and Leo?

Talmage, Addie and Katelin
It feels like a long time ago we were in Utah and Idaho enjoying a couple of snowy days. With our perfect spring weather I can't say I am missing home too much. I am missing these cute kids. Mathew and Angie were nice enough to have a set of twins close in age to both of my kids. Her kids definitely have a few more tall genes than ours.


The Winwards said...
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The Winwards said...

Mm...deletion was me. Wanted to say, super way cute kids, all of them. We are missing you.

Lonna said...

I have to say that I was wondering why I saw so many coats in the kids closet today while I was putting pool toys away, and then I remembered your recent journey to the North.

That sounds like fun to have so many kids that are close in age to yours, I feel your pain on the missing tall genes, my poor kids have me as a mother, since I have no height that will really hinder them if they even think about sports.

How kind of your family to have so may sets of twins just so your kids could have some friends to play with while you visit. I should let my family in on that secret.