Monday, February 9, 2009

Morning Sounds

Loving those teeth!

We woke up to lots and lots of rain this morning. It was a nice addition to the sounds that come as we wake up each morning. This mornings sounds start with cries from Sethie. I pull him out of bed to feed him, hoping he'll nurse back to sleep, but he never does. Once he's done, he sits straight up and smiles at me in the darkness. I want to just pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep, but you really cannot ignore that smile.

His chirps fill the quiet of the rest of the morning. Trevor left early for work. Katelin is recovering from her first rough night of Project Bedtime, something I'll have to discuss at a later date. I'm on the computer listening to the rain, the Seth's chirping, and the quiet.

Katelin wakes up grumpy, but the rain cheers her. Her excitement for the rain, for preschool, for the projects of the day bring our quiet morning to an end. I hear pounding with the toy hammer and tool bench as the two kids play. Then Katelin disappears and I hear opening drawers and doors. She is proud to get herself dressed and ready for the day. Seth's happy chirps soon turn to whines. It's time to get off of the computer. This day will be full. There might be crying. There will definitely be a runny nosed baby, and a tired Mom at the end of the day, but somehow that will be okay. A good Monday to start a good week.

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