Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I can't say enough how much I loved President Uchtdorf's talk in General Relief Society Meeting (you can find it here) and the emphasis he placed on finding happiness through creating and compassion. So here are a few of the creations from my house that are bringing a little joy to my heart.I've been wanting to make whole wheat pizza (loaded with veggies) for a while now. It felt so good to do it, though it still needs a few improvements.
A few preschool supplies. Prepping for 6 preschoolers is surprisingly fun and flashes me back to my teaching days. There isn't a lot of difference between preschoolers and adolescents.

Katelin's hay "H" was a nice creation, but the big deal was her name written on the bottom of the page! She can write it if I tell her the letters.

I love Katelin's mini-buns! It's a succes when she lets you comb her hair. I love Seth's do too!
Trev created the perfect spot for cuddling and vegging!

More vegging and snuggling.

Seth just does a great job of creating smiles and laughter.
Life is so sweet (especially when you remember the good moments).


Amy K said...

happiness between siblings is my greatest joy! They look so cute together. Good job creating, you're a good mom. I also think alot about that talk and like to think about the reason we love to do the things we do. He nailed it, and it's so true that doing things "creating things" brings so much joy.

Did that make sense? it's late and I think i'm rambling and mincing words. you look cute, fun to see pics of the mom.

Christina said...

I love those cuddling pictures. You must post (or email me) your whole wheat crust recipe. I'm a big fan of homemade pizza.

C Crane said...

Cute pics!

Lonna said...

What she can write her name! Now I like Gwen is a little behind, she scribbles and calls it different shapes. Oh well that at least she enjoys the scribbling.

I like the little hair buns. They look great. I am always trying to do new things with Gwen's hair, when she lets me.

Love that little Seth, he does have a super cute little smile. And I think that is really fun how they are all about the snuggles together.